It is not uncommon to feel any insecurity towards the appearance of your skin. Some people may engage themselves in proper exercising and dieting, but find that their skin resembles overweightness. The fat that creates this appearance is called cellulite and the appearance of cellulite in the skin is commonly referred to as “orange peel skin”. Georgia Center for Female Health offers a solution in Thermi250™ for such a skin irregularity.

Located in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, Georgia Center for Female Health utilizes the latest advances in technology to ensure the most effective care and best possible results. Our doctors have extensive experience and aim to secure your health and aid you in resolving any problems that may arise. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

What Is Thermi250™?

Thermi250™ is the most studied radiofrequency in aesthetic medicine. It is a high powered temperature controlled radiofrequency system that transmits 470KHz. With a distinctive set of features and easily accessible interface, Thermi250™ grants maximum versatility for targeting cellulite throughout the entire body. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment to learn more about this exciting treatment.

How Does Thermi250™ Work?

Thermi250™ begins by generating warmth through radio frequencies. This will send signals to your cells to regenerate and realign the collagen, the main structural protein found in skin. As a result, the aged or sagging skin is erased with refreshed and younger-looking skin taking its place. The monopolar handpiece of Thermi250™ enables for deep penetration of radio frequency warmth, remedying cellulite symptoms with the help of 3 main components. First, Thermi250™ tightens underlying tissue, revitalizing old collagen while producing new collagen. Second, blood circulation in the treated area is increased and fatty deposits of the lymphatic system are reduced. Finally, fatty acids begin to deteriorate with the exposal to the radio frequency warmth.

What Are The Benefits To Thermi250™ ?

  • Thermi250™ is non-invasive
  • Easy temperature control for consistent results
  • Can treat any part of the body
  • Virtually painless and requires no anesthesia
  • Treatments can be quick
  • No downtime for recovery is required; patients can return to their schedules right away

Skin irregularities such as cellulite can take a toll on how you feel. If you are feeling self-conscious or insecure with the way your skin looks, there can be a solution in Thermi250™. Contact us today and schedule a consultation appointment to see if Thermi250™ is the exciting treatment that’s right for your skin. Younger-looking and improved skin is just a phone call away.

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