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Essure® is advanced permanent birth control for women whose families are complete

It wasn’t that long ago when permanent birth control meant invasive surgery. But for today’s woman who is finished having children, there’s a safer, much easier alternative to going under the knife for tubal ligation or hysterectomy.

Essure is the dependable solution for permanent birth control that is easy to perform in our office. It has a 99.95% success rate at one year that has been proven by over a decade of clinical evidence in more than 310,000 women. Essure’s simple procedure is performed in seconds, does not require incisions, contains no hormones and can be confirmed for both placement and reliance – meaning women who choose Essure never have to worry about birth control again.

Natural healing response

Essure uses the body’s natural healing response to block the fallopian tubes, resulting in permanent birth control. Using a transvaginal hysteroscopic approach, one small, flexible micro-insert is placed in each fallopian tube. Upon release, the micro-insert expands to conform to the natural shape of the fallopian tube and anchors itself until the microinsert elicits a healing response that completely closes the fallopian tubes, typically within three months. After three months, we perform the Essure Confirmation Test to confirm and document both satisfactory micro-insert location as well as bilateral tubal occlusion. No other permanent birth control procedure can confirm both of these features.

Clinically proven and 100% reliable

Essure is clinically proven. After nine years and zero pregnancies among Essure users in clinical trials, no other permanent birth control method has been shown to be as effective as Essure. Following Essure micro-insert placement, the tissue response has been found to be 100% reliable in patients with correct placement as well as localized to the micro-insert. The Essure Confirmation Test also offers unprecedented peace of mind for the patient.

Patient tolerance is excellent. With only local anesthesia and minimal dilation required for the procedure, women who choose Essure can quickly return to their daily activities and never have to worry about birth control again – no daily pill, no hormones or hormonal side effects and no quick trips to the pharmacy.

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