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You diet, and you exercise, but you still have fat lingering in certain areas of your body. Though weight loss can reduce your overall size, tumescent liposuction can fine-tune your physique to create a more toned, proportional look. At Georgia Center for Female Health in Peachtree Corners and Decatur, Georgia, Lynette D. Stewart, MD provides an artistic eye and sculpting skill to help you get natural, beautiful body contouring results. Call to find out more about liposuction services offered, or schedule your consultation online.

Liposuction Q & A

What is liposuction?

Liposuction helps remove pockets of unwanted fat from your body, especially in those regions that hold onto fat even when you’ve reached a normal scale weight. Areas treated include the:

  • Thighs
  • Hips and buttocks
  • Abdomen and waist
  • Upper arms
  • Inner knee
  • Chest area
  • Neck ara
  • Calves and ankles
  • Back

Dr. Stewart uses a minimally invasive liposuction technique called tumescent liposuction. You get excellent results in one procedure, without long downtimes and discomfort associated with more conventional methods.

What is tumescent liposuction?

Tumescent liposuction is an outpatient procedure. You go home to recover the same day. During the treatment, Dr. Stewart injects a solution of saline, lidocaine, and epinephrine into the predetermined treatment areas.

The solution causes the fat in the area to become firm and swollen. This makes it easier to remove with a small tube called a cannula.

A common liposuction technique, tumescent liposuction is performed on an outpatient basis -- meaning you go home the same day. During the treatment, Dr. Bhatt injects a solution of saline, lidocaine (an anesthetic), and epinephrine (a blood vessel constrictor) into the chosen treatment areas.

This solution causes targeted tissue to swell and become firm, so the fat is then easier to remove. After making a small incision in the treatment area, Dr. Stewart delivers ultrasonic or laser energy through a small probe to break up cell membranes surrounding the fat tissue. The fat is then released and sucked out through a cannula, or small hollow tube. The treatment is selective and only targets the areas with excess fat; it has no impact on other types of nearby tissue.

What are the benefits of the tumescent liposuction technique?

The benefits of the tumescent technique include:

  • No need for IV or general sedation
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Speedy recovery times
  • Only one procedure needed

Tumescent liposuction effectively removes large amounts of fat to greatly improve the look of your physique and help you achieve the look you desire.

If you’re ready to streamline your physique, call Georgia Center for Female Health to learn more about liposuction. Alternatively, book a consultation using the online tool.